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    Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:25 am
    Message by [Admin]SmileyFaceS :D - we dont know what you're talking about
    erm we dont know what you're talking about
    first of all..
    whos matchu?

    this is SmileyCookieMS
    not MapleViaOnline Razz
    i know matchu from MapleViaOnline xD
  2. Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:53 pm
    Message by S0RAx3 - Hi, I'm Sora ! AKA. S0RA
    The reason why i'm sending you this message is because my friend,Shane
    needed help.. Idk why. :O So we both typed in @gm Smile
    But.. No GM showed up :O
    Normally when players are chossen to be a gm, shouldn't they be
    responsible, and help others in need ?
    I typed in @gm again , and still they didn't show up.
    A minute later, [Matchu] said something like !say @save .

    Thank you for reading my Letter-ish Letter Smile
    Once again,
    I'm Sora, a GM in imapler. Very Happy

    With Grace & Love,

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